Solar panel installation in Cornwall

Solar PV, Battery Storage Systems and EV Chargers

With energy prices going through the roof now and such a global focus on climate change, you may be looking for ways to reduce your electricity bills and your carbon footprint.

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One of the most popular ways that you can reduce your energy bills is to install solar panels on your roof or in your garden alongside a battery storage system. The reasons for this are because you’ll be less reliant on the grid for your energy by using the solar energy produced via your panels, you’ll also be able to charge your battery storage unit during off peak ours. For example, Octopus energy are currently offering this service between 11:30 and 5:50 am at a rate of 7 pence per unit.

Battery storage

Having a battery storage unit allows customers to make better use of their solar PV by increasing their self-consumption of the solar energy they are producing apposed to sending it back into the national grid.

We can install battery storage systems as both a retro fit (Ie if you already have solar panels) or as a new installation on a new build or renovation project.

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What is the main benefit of battery storage?

Financial Savings

Storing the solar energy that you have produced to use later in the day will save you money. The reason for this is that each unit of electricity that is used from your battery means that you won’t have to buy it from the grid at your standard rate.

For example; If you are paying 40 pence per unit, the battery will save you 40 pence x how many units you use from your battery (if its charged from Solar).

Do I need a solar PV system already to have battery storage installed?

The short answer is, no you don’t. As the battery units are programable, you can program them to charge at off peak times where the electricity rate per unit is up to 90% cheaper. However, you will always be better off if you have a solar PV system installed alongside.

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EV chargers

There is no doubt that Electric vehicles are the future, they’re already becoming massively popular and much more affordable, mainly due to their low carbon footprint and the extortionate cost of fuel.

Due to increased demand from our customers, we are now also offering the installation of ev chargers to both the domestic and commercial markets. This can be a one-off installation or alongside a much larger project such as a new build.

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