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Boiler Services

 Boiler Services that we offer

  • Gas & LPG
  • Oil
  • Landlord Gas Safety Report and Service
  • BBQ Serving
  • Air & Ground Heat Pump Service

All we need you to do is book your boiler in for a service, let us know when and where, then we will take care of the rest. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the very best quality, whilst remaining competitive on price.

Why is it important to have you boiler serviced? 

  • Ensure Safety

Boilers that are not maintained well or annually serviced can potentially produce a poisonous gas known as carbon monoxide. This gas is both odourless and colourless, making it particularly difficult to spot.

  • In order to spot potential problems or issues.

Boiler servicing involves detecting any potential problems. If a gas engineer spots an issue, they will be able to resolve it, before it gets any worse. Potentially saving you hundreds of pounds to repair your boiler, whilst also preventing unwanted disturbances to your heating supply.

  • Maximise efficiency

It is important to have your boiler serviced and maintained as it will help to ensure it is working efficiently. When your boiler isn’t operating at maximum efficiency, it could result in you paying more for your household energy.

Contact us and discover how we can assist you with your heating, plumbing and renewable energy needs.

Boiler Installations

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